Ukraine Team Men

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Responsible body:
NPC Ukraine
Team manager name:
Kseniia Kryvenko
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Media person name:
Nataliia Harach
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Team information

Team history:

The current team has been playing together since 2003. The oldest players have been the members of the National Team since 1990 (Petro Ostrynskyi) and 1996 (Anatolii Andrusenko).
The team was 4th at the European Championships multiple times, 5th at the World Championship in Atlanta and 5th at the Paralymic Games in Rio.

Main players:

- Serhii Shevchenko - team capitan.
- Moreover Serhii is the second coach of the team.

Interesting players:

- Ruslan Horiakin was a very shy boy, interested in studying and computers. At the age of 13 he was diagnosed with cancer and to escape death it was neccesary to take off his leg. It was a long way of recovery for him.
He was never interested in sport and having an injury even could not imaging that one day he become a member of the National Sitting Volleyball Team of Ukraine. It was just an ordinary day, when he was walking on the street and one of the members of the National Team (now he is ex player) noticed him and proposed to join the trainings, to try himself in sport.
It was something new for Ruslan as he never hold a volley ball in his hands and barely knew rules of the game. The first training interested and inspired him a lot.

Teams biggest achievement:

- 5th place at Paralympic Games in Rio 2016.