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Novak Grbić
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Zoran Ješić
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After the war in former Yugoslavia sitting volleyball, unfortunately stopped to existing like a sport played by person with disability.
In 1999 sitting volleyball start to be played in Republic of Srpska (one of the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina) with foundation of the first sitting volleyball club Volleyball Club for Disabled “BANJA LUKA”.
In 2001 there was first Republic of Srpska national championship with 5 participating clubs. From year to year the number of participating clubs became bigger and bigger (with maximum or 12 teams) and sitting volleyball more and more popular.
So, in the year of 2005, on the initiative of National Paralympic Committee of Serbia and Republic of Srpska Sitting Volleyball Federation for Disabled, based on the Agreement on Special Parallel Relations between Republic of Serbia and Republic of Srpska, the national team of Serbia has been founded consisting of players from Republic of Srpska with double citizenship (Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Our first appearance was in 2005 at European Championship tournament in Leverkusen, Germany where we took the 8. place among 12 teams. Two years later at EC 2007 in Hungary we won 7. place and at EC 2009 in Poland we achieved our best ever result when we talk about European championship tournaments – 5. place.
This result qualified us for World championship 2010 in USA where we won 11. place between 24 national teams.
Besides good results achieved by the national team, maybe even more important was a fact that we initialize foundation of the sitting volleyball clubs in Serbia (in this moment there is 8 of them) and from the EC 2011 (played in Netherland), where we took 7. place, in national team we have not only players from Republic of Srpska, but from Serbia also. At EC 2013 in Poland we won 9. place among 13 teams and the same result we made at the last EC played in Germany 2015.

Interesting players:

- Cvijanović Aleksandar (bellow the knee amputation) - like only 20 years old in 2015 he was awarded like the best athlete of his town Doboj among all other "the most popular able body sports" (football, volleyball, basketball, handball, karate...)
- Đuran Dragan (with 100% of disability - bellow the knee amputation of one leg and big damage of the foot on the second leg) - in addition to their 3 sons he and his wife adopted a little girl from orphanage in Banja Luka
- Ješić Zoran (bellow the knee amputatioin) - besides he is captain of Serbia sitting volleyball national team he is a member of Serbia national team in Para-badminton (participated in 2 EC 2014 in Spain and 2016 in Netherland), sitting volleyball international referee candidate and CEV Supervisor.

Teams biggest achievement:

- 5th. place at European Championship in Elblag, Poland 2009.
- 11th. place at World Championship in Edmond, Oklahoma USA 2010.