Croatian women’s team in the battle for eighth place

Yesterday in the last match of the group stage Croatian women’s team has lost 3:0 (18:28, 5:25, 14:25) in sets against Finland. At the beginning of the first set Finnish team made an early advantage. Croatians managed to overtake the lead at the result 13:12, but later in the set Finland went to win it by 25:18.

In the second set we watched a one-way game in which Finland won with a large advantage of 25:5. At the start of the third set, Croats offered a stronger resistance, but soon the Finns took over the lead and, with a convincing game, increased the gap to end the game with a final win of 25:14. The Croatian game fell apart because of the static and poor reception of the serve and lack of combinatorics in the wide space of the court’s central part.

With three defeats against Hungary, Slovenia and Finland, Croatian girls were placed in the last place in the group with only one winning set. What entails faith in the better tomorrow’s women’s sitting volleyball is surely the fact that our team has been active only since 2013 and that this is only their third European championship. Of course, more effort has to be made to overcome the quality gap in women’s sitting volleyball so that we can fight for high-ranking.

In a playoff for places from 7 to 9, Croatia today lost another match, it was a 3:0 defeat (23:25, 5:25, 16:25) against team Italy.

Tomorrow, in the battle for eighth place Croatia will play against Germany.