Croatian men’s team booked place in the semifinals after 13 years!

The Croatian men’s sitting volleyball team prepared a real sensation in Poreč and returned to the semifinals of the European Championship after 13 years of absence.

Among the 4 best teams, Croatian team has come in without a lost set, defeating Netherlands 3:0 in the quarterfinals. The first set was a trench fight for each point. At the end of the set it was 27:25 for Croatians, who saved a set point. In the second set, the Croats fled to the unattainable advantage of 22:9 and easily won the set in the end with 25:16. In the third set, again we watched a restless match. Fight for each point was on, but Croats managed to break their opponents as the set drew to a close, eventually wining it with the final win of 25:22. The player of the game was the captain of Croatian volleyball team Ivan Ćosić with 19 points.

– “Our collective power and wonderful audience have gave us extra strength. Someone’s got to pull and this time it was me. But when I had run out of strength then the other guys from the team jumped in. I believe that against Ukraine we have a great chance to enter the fight for the brightest prize for the first time” – concluded Ivan Ćosić.

The opponent in the fight for the finals is Ukraine, today at 17.45. In the second semifinal title defenders Bosnia and Herzegovina will play against Russia.

Croatian women’s sitting volleyball team finished the tournament without a win. In the last match for the playoff from 7th to 9th place, they lost to Germany 3-0 in sets.